Monday, November 30, 2015

Uplugging from the Socket

This will be the last post on this blog. If I'm ever going to blog again (and I might not), it will no longer be here. But let me take this opportunity to make one last brain dump, just so this final entry won't be completely worthless.

On that note, I wish to propose a new social, political, and economic theory.

This theory has six main elements:

  1. A mild matriarchy. I propose giving children the surname of their mother instead of their father. Along with this use of matrinames, I also propose the creation of a matriarchal nobility, where the members of each noble house are mothers connected to each other by matrilineal descent and a common goal of raising their children. The only requirement for ennoblement is for a woman to have her biological children under her direct custody and care. Each noblewoman is free from taxation and is also entitled to a certain amount of residential real estate. I also propose that the Catholic Church bring back female permanent deacons (e.g. Phoebe), and that each parish be managed by a female deacon instead of a parish priest.
  2. A life of money-less communism in exchange for political power. I propose that any person who wishes to lead others should not be given monetary compensation for doing so, and that all politicians should be made to join a radically communist self-organizing sub-section of society that prohibits personal financial transactions for the duration of their political career. Politicians who are mothers forfeit ennoblement (see item 1).
  3. The concept of childhood decoupled from age. I propose that the status of adulthood be given to anyone who has proven to have the maturity and skill to deserve a place in adult society regardless of their age, and that everyone else be legally considered children, dependent and in need of supervision. Those incapable of earning a living are to be treated as children. Convicted criminals are to be treated as juvenile delinquents under the custody of a communist detention center, their assets frozen for the duration of their detention.
  4. Empowered taxpayers. I propose that the government budget be wholly dictated by the taxpayers by letting them indicate what percentage of their tax money will go to which government department or agency. Also, donations made to specific companies that are currently under government contract are considered tax deductible, allowing for even more control of where one's tax money goes.
  5. Egalitarian labor. I propose that all private companies be employee-owned, and that regular employees be given equal salaries regardless of race, sex, age, length of stay in the company, or perceived importance of role. To allow fair competition between workers, copyright and patent laws will be replaced by laws that promote open standards and practices.
  6. A knighthood with both military and non-military roles. I propose that the military and the foreign ministry be separated from the government and combined into a single quasi-public entity called the Chivalric Corps that is funded by its own members instead of via tax. This self-funding is done by making members obtain a secondary career in highly profitable but non-essential industries (e.g. sports, entertainment, etc.). The members of the Chivalric Corps are called knights. Each knight must join a chivalric order that acts as a private commercial company as well as either a military or a diplomatic unit.

I shall leave these six things here without further comment, though I might revisit them in another blog (if I ever make one again). This blog is now officially closed.

Good bye.