Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Part 3: My Food Experiments

I've always enjoyed cooking. Back when I was living in a dormitory, I would try to think up interesting stuff to cook every day, using whatever ingredients I could find in the fridge. Sometimes I'd try to follow recipes I find online for special cooking projects (paella, clam chowder, etc.). I even have a food blog somewhere that's been abandoned now (for reasons related to this blog's long hiatus).

I haven't been able to cook much lately, ever since I moved back to may parents' house. Every day is now a long commute to and from the office, a problem that would have been solved if only I was able to move to an apartment this year (see Part 1). Still, I did find the time to help out with the cooking during some weekends, and even made a few special things:

  • Jajangmyeon - On the night of April 14, in celebration of Black Day, I cooked a plate of 자장면 and ate it on my own, just like many other lonely, single people who know about this South Korean informal tradition. It was a bit salty... like the tears I cried after my first girl-related heartbreak this year... but it was delicious! And low-fat! Take that, fat-laden chocolate-eating, disgustingly sweet love birds! Oh wait... speaking about fatty and sweet foods...
  • Cheesecake - I made cheesecake for the first time this year. So far I've only done three no-bake ones: a blackberry & blueberry cheesecake, a peanut butter cheesecake, and a peanut butter+Butterfinger cheesecake. Because peanut butter!
  • Okonomiyaki - If studying the Japanese language doesn't make me look Japanophile enough, I've also been looking into Japanese cooking this year. I decided to make Hiroshima-style and Osaka/regular-style お好み焼き after watching these videos. I wish I could have bought some nagaimo/yamaimo (it was so hard to find... even in Japanese shops!), but I was pretty satisfied with the results, especially the Hiroshima okonomiyaki (the egg and yakisoba made it ultra special :-D).
I hope 2013 will give me plenty of opportunities to cook (and eat!) a lot more great food. いただきます!