Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Part 2: Some More Negative Things

So last time, I talked about how my big plans for 2012 ended up. Most of that was depressing, and I apologize, but that really was the overall atmosphere of this year for me: depressing. Here's just one more list of sad things that happened in 2012 before I move on to more positive things.

  • My dog Summer died of some unknown disease early this year. She was five years old. I felt like such a bad pet owner because I never bothered to let her have regular veterinary checkups.
  • I found that I've lost the energy to participate in Catholic apologetics. Don't get me wrong, I'm far from losing faith. I even read apologists' blogs on a regular basis. But this year has been kind of a dark year of the soul for me. To my fellow Catholics, please pray for me. I really need it.
  • The drama of Philippine politics. Oh God, the drama. From controversial laws that sparked tons of angry debateshout matches (Cybercrime Law, Sin Tax Law, RH Law) to the things the government did to persecute (rightly or wrongly) the past administration.
  • Major tragedies, natural and man-made, both local and international. It even made some people take the Mayan Apocalypse bullshit seriously.
  • The stupid, stupid Mayan Apocalypse bullshit.


And now, some trivial stuff that still contributed to my overall feeling of depression, no matter how silly they are:
  • I had to stop my master's degree studies for most of the year because of scheduling problems. I'm now back on track...maybe.
  • I failed to enter Mensa for the second time.
  • Some highly anticipated shows and movies were big disappointments. I might talk more about that later.