Saturday, October 15, 2011

What's been up

So... after that last, really long and excessively serious blog rant back in February, a number of things happened in my life, most of which didn't seem like they were worth blogging about at the time. But now I need an "I'm still alive!" blog post, so might as well use them. Here are the highlights:

1) I finally decided to buy a personal laptop. It's got an Intel Core i5 processor and it didn't have an OS installed when I bought it. I, of course, promptly put Ubuntu Linux in the thing as soon as I got hold of it, and I've been enjoying it ever since. It's only the second computer I've ever bought. The first one, a Pentium 4 PC that I bought eons ago, has been lying around broken in our house for the past couple of years or so, and I've been too lazy to repair it.

So, what spurred my decision? Well, ever since our PC died on us, I've been reliant on a bunch of company laptops. My mom's Windows XP laptop has degraded faster than I've expected (even for a Windows machine), and my dad's laptop has 512MB of RAM and Windows Vista installed (*shudder*). I was lucky enough to have Linux on my own company laptop, but I've decided I didn't like working for my company anymore, so I figured I might as well buy a non-crappy laptop of my own before I left. Which brings us to the next item:

2) I moved to another company. Nothing too exciting, it's just something I thought I needed to do. I've spent my first four years as a grown-up in my previous company, and I thought perhaps I had to move on. On hindsight, it would have probably been better if I waited until I finished my Master's degree before getting another job. The atrocious schedule that resulted from having to be a newbie on probationary status and a graduate student at the same time was one of the reasons I stopped blogging for a while; definitely not something to emulate.

3) Girls. Dorky awkwardness. Heart break. Typical Francis. I'll change the subject now before I break into another emo song.*

4) I recently bought a Nexus S. (Yeah, I've had a pretty expensive year so far.) To tell you the truth, I wasn't really excited about the whole smartphone concept when it first came out more than a decade ago, thinking of them as expensive distractions for rich people to waste money on. Sure, I liked reading about them and admiring them in theory, but I never really lusted after all those high tech eye-candy. Over the years, though, my stance has been softened by my exposure to PDAs (I have an old Palm m130 that's now, sadly, quite dead) and to relatively low-end smartphones like the Nokia E71 my previous company lent me while I was working there. I realized that I liked being able to read e-books, check my inbox, and look things up on Wikipedia anywhere I go (though, no, I don't care about Angry Birds).

I decided I wanted a very basic Android phone**, preferably one that's high enough on the geek factor but not very high on the price factor. My calculations and window shopping lead me to the Nexus S. Its status as a "Google phone" automatically makes it a dream geek gadget in my eyes (Google fanatic that I am), yet at the same time it's not as expensive as some other Gingerbread phones out there. I'll probably be kicking myself once the next Nexus phone (Nexus Prime?) comes out, but who knows when that one will be available here in the Philippines. Besides, I'm pretty sure the Nexus S will get the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Or else. (Kidding!)

Alright. You've caught up with my life at this point. I expect to be able to blog more in the coming weeks, for the enjoyment of all my readers.***

Good night!

* Too late.
** I humbly submit that I am not cool or trendy enough for an iPhone. May Steve's soul rest in peace, etc.
*** Um, both of them.