Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cool improvements in Google Suggest

Google Suggest, that nifty little feature seen on Google's main page where it shows you search suggestions as you type your search query, now shows additional info for special types of searches (e.g. weather, currency conversion, time, equations, etc.). From the Official Google Blog:

Let's say you're planning a vacation to Belgium for the holidays. Most vacation planning includes many simple questions: What's the weather? Is my flight on time? How many euros can I get for $100? For a long time we've provided answers to these kind of questions in one simple place with universal search features on the results page. Building on the improvements we made to Google Suggest earlier this year, now we're adding these features to the list of suggested search terms beneath the search box.

Sample pics:

On a related note, I noticed that Google Chrome already has Suggest incorporated in its Omnibox, and it even has the Calculator built-in (but not the other Universal Search features). What with Chrome now also getting extensions (in beta), I've decided to make it my default browser for now.