Friday, May 09, 2008

A Socket for My Brain

Dudes! I just renamed my blog! This is so crazy!!!

It's been years since I realized that "The Brain" can be a very misleading title. People read it and think "Man, what an ego...he's not even that smart!", when in fact I was only trying to convey the image of this blog being a link to my head, a place where I can record the various thoughts and ideas that come into my mind, an online extension of my very faulty memory. More importantly, it's something that helps me express myself to an audience (e.g. all four of you), giving them the dubious privilege of peering into my head without having to use a hacksaw...or Matrix-style mind-hacking. Instead I became known as "the guy who calls himself The Brain".

But then, seeing an opportunity to act on a trivial image problem, I chose to procrastinate. Story of my life. I'd occasionally ponder on what name I ought to use instead: "Hack My Brain" looks cool as part of my URL, but not as a title. "Brain Dump" would look negative for people who don't know what the term meant. Apparently I had a fixation for the word "brain" that wouldn't quit. Well, by the time "/home/focoma/brain" flashed in my head, I decided I just wasn't inspired enough to think of a good title. Or maybe I was just lazy. Anyway my blog title languished in shame for many years (this blog itself barely manages to do better, but let's not go there now).

Then a few minutes ago I spontaneously renamed it to "A Socket for My Brain". Well, clearly the fixation hasn't gone, and there might even be a dash of influence from that strange Keanu Reeves movie. Too bad there's no white rabbit.

Let's just see how this goes, yes? Good night.