Saturday, May 03, 2008


I signed-up for LoudTwitter, a service that regularly posts a batch of your daily tweets to your blog. You can login using an Open-ID account, which Blogger fortunately supports.

I feel that this is a more attractive way to integrate Twitter w/ my blog, compared to my previous method of creating a small Twitter page element (which I now removed). With LoudTwitter, not only will I have a handy searchable backup of my tweets, I can also create the illusion that my blog isn't as neglected as it is! :-P

My first LoudTwitter post (or as I call it, Bird Brain tweets for today) should arrive in a few minutes.

Update: It arrived! A little late, though. Confused me for a bit.

Speaking of Twitter, I've been doing some experimenting with the SMS features. Twitter short codes are only available in the U.S., Canada, and India, so sending tweets to their US number from the Philippines costs me a whopping fifteen pesos (which, to be fair, is the standard cost of Philippines-US SMS for my mobile carrier, I think). On the other hand, it's really cool to receive (free!) SMS updates of your friends' goings on.

Twitter is really starting to grow on me. Sure, its frequent downtimes are disappointing, so are a few bugs...and I'm still too much of a Google fanboi not to dream of joining Jaiku..but the thing is, Jaiku is still unavailable to the public, and while Google is taking their time on whatever they're doing with that service, the Twitter community continues to tweet: whether via web, IM, mobile, or any of the variety of community-developed Twitter clients. And we have people like the makers of LoudTwitter who are using their creativity to make Twitter even more useful.

Thanks, Twitter community!