Monday, April 21, 2008

Twitter/tinyurl problem

I just realized the tinyurlification of Twitter's Google Talk bot is flawed: if you included an HTML anchor in the URL, it will remove that anchor before creating a tinyurl for it.

For example, if you send the URL to Twitter via Google Talk, it will end up as a tinyurl that leads to (okay, so I was fascinated by the phases of ice...don't stare at me like that!).

I know it's not a tinyurl problem because I was able to create a tinyurl that lead to the anchor.

I was gonna twitter this flaw, but I just couldn't fit the explanation in 140 characters. Apparently I still need my blog. :-)

Update: I just realized that tinyurl is also being used in the main Twitter site (I could have sworn I've seen tweets with non-tinyurled URLs before...). Also, the problem I described isn't limited to anchors: Apparently, URLs containing certain symbols (#, parentheses, etc.) are being chopped by Twitter. Hmmm... I wonder if Jaiku is any better.