Saturday, December 01, 2007

Friendster Developer Platform

The day Google's OpenSocial platform was released, I thought tons of Facebook-like apps were already created and ready-to-use for the sites that Google partnered with (MySpace, Friendster, etc.). Apparently we all have to wait a bit for the full-blown "revolution" of OpenSocial to take place, if ever. Even Google's Orkut only has one app (Ask Friends) that seems to come from the platform. Now Friendster has released what it calls "Friendster Widgets", which are apparently based on the "Friendster Developer Platform". I don't know what this has to do with OpenSocial, whether it's Friendster's OpenSocial implementation or not. I hope Google's initiative won't go to waste so soon. Could anyone explain to me what's going on?

Update: It seems that this Developer Platform is Friendster's own thing. Even MySpace seems to have their own plans of opening up to third-party developers, which is what OpenSocial was supposed to be for.

Just a thought, though. What if adding a bunch of fancy-schmancy widgets in a single profile page for people to see isn't the best way to network with people online? Somehow I feel there's gotta be a more logical path to social networking...something better than these bloated, complicated, mostly useless toys that we have now. Hmmm...This could be the start of another lightbulb moment...