Monday, December 24, 2007

December 25th

To the poor, the hungry, and the suffering. To those abused by the powerful. To those who will not be eating delicious food on Christmas Eve, but not voluntarily. To those who needed to sleep early in order to forget the pain of the ulcer gnawing at their stomachs. To those who have no loved ones, or those with no one they really love. To those who are unhappy and cannot see what everyone else is so goddamn happy about.

Today is December 25th.

And approximately two thousand years ago, maybe on this day, maybe not, a woman was forced to give birth to her son in a stinking cave used for farm animals. Because nobody wanted to give her shelter. This son--who hours later would be in the real danger of being hunted down on the king's orders--would survive and grow up and face the destiny of being systematically tortured and murdered in front of an uncaring audience.

He was born to share your suffering, and he was born to save you. You have not been forgotten. This life is not the end.