Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Google Maps Terrain View

I noticed that Google Maps' Hybrid view has been merged with the Satellite view, meaning that in Satellite view, you could choose whether you want to see the map details over the satellite images or not. Replacing the Hybrid view is the new Terrain view. According to a Google Maps Help item:

...the terrain view allows you to see physical features on the map, such as mountains and vegetation, with elevation shading.

Funnily enough,  I didn't realize at first that the various shades of green actually indicated level of vegetation (it's just called Terrain vew, after all). But it's a pretty cool addition: densely forested areas are dark green, while deserts are pale-yellowish, and of course icy areas are white.

I looked for Mount Everest, of course.

Again this is very nice, and is a bit more useful than Microsoft's admittedly beautiful Live Maps Bird's Eye view. Still, Metro Manila's map details still don't align with satellite images. This is true for both Google Maps and Live Maps. In fact, it almost seems like Google borrowed Microsoft's inaccurate Philippines maps. Man that pisses me off. Oh well, there's always Wikimapia.