Monday, October 15, 2007

Yahoo! Mail Out of Beta

I logged into Yahoo! Mail Beta and, lo and behold, the Beta label is gone! And it's blue! I like blue!

Oh, and just like the Yahoo! Messenger client, Mail's chat feature can now communicate with Microsoft's Windows Live, as well as send SMS messages. I think Instant Messaging truly is a splendid extension to email services, and I was really happy when Yahoo! finally decided to copy this feature from Gmail (To Yahoo! fans: I keed!). Putting up with the lag time involved with checking your Inbox (yes, I'm a little impatient) just doesn't make sense for simple online conversations when IM is available. Having a chat feature in Yahoo! Mail was good news to me in another way. It meant I didn't have to download and install the Y!M client, which I hate, the annoying little bugger...