Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Last weekend, after months of reading about it from a lot of cool people, I joined Facebook. Here are some things I like:

  • Applications: It's like iGoogle gadgets, small yet powerful widgets developed by third-parties that you could add to your page, but unlike iGoogle, this is geared more towards interacting with other people (like, duh). For the past couple of days I've been playing with the Books application, which, weirdly enough, is a lot more fun than I'd expect, given that I've already tried book-cataloging sites before and got bored quite quickly.
  • Search: Facebook has better (i.e. more intelligent) search features than what I've been used to seeing in a social networking site (except the revamped Orkut, which also has superb search).
  • Elegant Interface: Other social networking sites are a bit too colorful for my taste, partly because of their (in hindsight) unwise feature of allowing users to murder their profiles with CSS. Personalization should give people more knowledge about a user (which Facebook achieves via Applications), not destroy their eyes with flashy formatting and atrocious backgrounds.
  • Status-Updates: This is like Twitter Tweets, short descriptions of what or how you are doing at the moment. The approach of aggregating previous status-updates in a Mini-Feed makes this somehow a more natural way of keeping your friends updated than, say, the typical IM status message.
  • RSS: You can conveniently monitor your friends' status updates in your favorite RSS reader. I like RSS, what more can I say?
I'll give a list of what I didn't like later, after a few more days of poking my friends and updating my status every few hours.