Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The New iMac

Steve Jobs unveiled the new iMac in the recent Apple's summer Mac product press conference. The all-in-one monitor/computer is gorgeous in its aluminum and glass design. What really caught my eyes, though, was the new Apple Keyboard: it looks like a software-keyboard, with its elegant big flat keys. The whole thing reeks in its minimalistic cuteness, which I know is to be expected from an Apple product. Imagine what the iKitchenSink will look like.

People have started complaining about the possible tactile-feedback problems for the keyboard, which is weird. I mean, come on, the keys aren't totally flat, as in from what I can see you still get to feel the individual keys, so I don't know what the fuss is about . And really, how much tactile-feedback do we need? (Ha! A smug rhetorical question from someone with very little knowledge of hardware design.) I know that tactile-feedback is important, but as I see it anyone ambitious enough to make paradigm-changing designs should be intelligent and resourceful enough to overcome the ergonomic and usability hurdles that might appear. I don't know if Apple has done its research, and with my limited budget I just don't care right now; I just like the eye-candy.