Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All Was Well


Many people were somewhat disappointed by the Epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Some (including me) thought it was too short, too lacking in information. I suppose this isn't so bad considering Jo has a website that will most definitely be updated with chunks of trivia some day soon, now that the final installment has been released.

Other fans, those who appreciate (or learned to appreciate) Jo's darker and more complex themes in the latter part of the series, found the Epilogue too...happy. After seventeen years living in danger, nineteen more years pass and we find Harry and his wife happily seeing their children off to school. We see Harry and Ron joking about driving cars. Somewhere in the railway station Ted Lupin snogs Victoire Weasley, to the amazement of young, curious James Potter. After reassuring Albus Severus that he should be proud of his namesake Severus Snape and that Slytherin isn't all that bad, we finally see Harry wave his kids goodbye, involuntarily touch his now-harmless scar, and proclaim "All was well".

I mean, how corny is that? How utterly undeserving of a series filled with hard lessons on life, suffering, and death! What a letdown!

If that's what you think, I suggest you read this wonderful Mugglenet Editorial: All Was Well.