Sunday, March 11, 2007

Y!M for Yahoo! Mail Beta

(I tried posting this via Yahoo! Mail Beta weeks ago, but no dice. Anyway, the titular feature is still not out for me, but here you go.)

InsideGoogle reports that Yahoo! is rolling out an integrated IM feature for its webmail service, and it will include many of the eye-candy stuff we've all grown fond of in Y!M. (Well, I don't use Y!M now, but it was kinda required during my internship.) Pretty cool. *Controls urge to compare with GChat*

I'm posting this from Yahoo! Mail Beta, BTW. I'll go visit my Hotmail account, as well, and I hear Microsoft'll be giving Hotmail its own integrated chat. I wonder when they'll implement labels or tags. :-)

Update: Man, I'm such a lousy blogger. I've had the Chat feature in Yahoo! Mail Beta for quite a while now. It's got speech balloons. Cute.