Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Brain Is Upgraded!!!

This is promising to be one cool week end: I was just planning to blog about Gmail's new uber feature when, FINALLY, I was invited to upgrade my old Blogger account to the new Blogger Beta! W00t! So while my parents haven't gotten back from that Christmas party they attended, I'll spend the day labelling my posts and fixing my template. Way, cool, man.

Oh, and about Gmail: Mail Fetcher turns Gmail into a POP3 client, meaning you could now move all your email from any POP3-enabled emal service to the awesome Gmail environment. Before, I had to force my email accounts to forward to Gmail, and most of them can't even do that properly. Too bad Yahoo's POP service isn't free.

As usual, I'll have to wait. Mail Fetcher is slowly being rolled-out to users.