Friday, November 17, 2006

Windows Live Mail Beta

My Hotmail account just got upgraded. As is my tradition when testing new email services, I'm posting this via the very AJAXy Windows Live Mail. Now I can have my inbox filled with spam the fancy way! Hurray!

Draggable items, check. Gradients, check. Changeable color themes, check. Web-app-specific right-click menus, check. Features expected of a Windows Live product; AJAX features that are all very cool, but all unnecessary. And my inbox is still filled with spam. But I have to say, Windows Live Mail is the cutest (okay, most elegant) webmail I've ever seen, better-looking than Yahoo's offering. Yeah.

I need my email conversations. I need my labels. I need my frickin built-in instant messaging and music player. I need AJAX to help me communicate with other people and be productive, even if I'm stuck with drop-down menus instead of drag-and-drop. I need Gmail.

Try - your fast, personalized homepage with all the things you care about in one place. in one place.

Haha! Very funny, Microsoft! :-P