Thursday, November 16, 2006

Life Update

Here's great news to no one in particular: I'm still alive! Anyway, here's what I've been doing while The Brain rotted for many a week:

  • I finished my software testing internship last month, It hasn't been much fun, though I like that I got to use Visual Studio 2005 (So many brilliant software testing features: Great! Buggy Find and Replace regex and overall sluggishness: Baaaad!!!). Well, I figured I still had time for a second and very brief internship, so right now I'm a PHP programmer in a really cool mobile and online communications technology company. Niiice.
  • Just when I thought I've grown tired of G.K. Chesterton, Martin Ward archives another classic Chesterton essay: Myths and Metaphors . This fired up my old interest in the greatest fat guy of the 1900s. I've finally read Dad's battered copy of Orthodoxy from cover to cover. (Ahhh, still nothing beats the pleasure of good ol' dead tree reading!)
  • I discovered last week that Ubuntu Edgy Eft was already out. Naturally, I upgraded. Id est, I slept. Remember kids, upgrading Ubuntu is important for your health. Doctors recommend that you upgrade Ubuntu for at least 8 hours to make sure that you are fully rested. I think this joke is not working.
  • First there was the Ruby programming language. Then Sudoku. Well, okay, I was addicted to anime long before either of those two. But now I think I'm starting to get addicted to Go, a board game made famous by Japan. 19x19 grid, shiny black stones and white stones. So simple. So difficult. So utterly beautiful...
  • I just met a really cool cousin of mine who was brought up in the States. She's a kenpo instructor, she likes skiing, and she doesn't understand Filipino. I'm rather amused by how many relatives I have abroad, and how close they are to each other. Somehow it makes thinking about living in the U.S. less intimidating. My maternal grandparents are returning shortly to California after a few years here in the Philippines. Maybe I'll follow them in a few years. :-)
And now, your Google headlines in brief: Gmail gets new minor features & UI tweaks, now saves offline chat messages; Google Earth gets sufficiently quaint historical maps layer; Brazilians rejoice as Orkut "integrates" w/ Google Talk; New search engine SearchMash aims to destroy Google.

(The last one was another bad joke. Google owns SearchMash.)

Let the countdown to my next post begin...