Monday, August 14, 2006

Design Blues

I want to change The Brain's layout, just for the heck of it. I mean, I've had this design for so long, and there's a bunch of Blogger sites out there using the same template.

But as this desire to renovate emerged out of mere gut-feeling (i.e. the vague need to "stand out"), I really don't know what to do. I like my current template. I don't have any particular ideas on how to customize it further, and I haven't found a better template to replace it with.

Waaah! And I told Ate Sacha I'd redesign my blog soon...

Speaking of redesigns, Google made some tweaks in their search pages. Clicking the old "more>>" link on the top-right-most part of the search bar now shows a small AJAXified menu (man, I feel so lame saying that...) listing other Google features. It's pretty-looking, but I wish they did it better. For one, you can't right-click on the menu items. Secondly, it only lists three more features (Books, Froogle, and Groups), followed by an "even more" link. Why not put Blog Search and Google Scholar in there?

It is true that Google needs a bit of a face-lift. It just can't afford to not integrate its growing number of features together, knowing that so many of these features remain unknown to the majority of Internet users. But let's also hope that they keep things simple and coherent. We don't want our favorite search engine ending up like The Others.