Thursday, July 20, 2006


(Title => Yet Another Diary Post)

The Ubuntu 6.06 CD I ordered arrived yesterday (finally!!!), but I'm starting to get lazy again. I guess the 24-hour installation of Breezy Badger on a Virtual PC (including occasional pauses for people who wanted to use the PC) and the general slowness of a VPC dampened my enthusiasm a bit. I've been thinking about getting an additional hard disk so I could use Linux "The Right Way", yet the temptation to wait for Edgy Eft (out in three months; this time I'll just download it) is getting stronger, what with the following new advances in the Linux world:

- Read from AND write to NTFS partitions through Linux-NTFS. Right now the write part is still in beta.
- Cool graphics via Xgl.
- GLScube, a WinFS-like system for Linux, except it'll arrive sooner (haha). Update: There's also the similar GNOME Storage project, which I kinda like more (because it sounds more official :P), but is currently on hold, it seems.

I've been reading about the Apache Project. We used Apache Tomcat for our course project and I had fiddled a bit with the Apache Server. Today I've discovered Apache POI, a set of Java libraries for reading and writing Microsoft Office files. I wish I knew about this last March... Well, they seem to have this for Ruby as well, but it can't even read Office files yet.

To end with a non-techie note, Kuya Dominique's recent posts are pretty interesting reads. Check em out.