Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Features in Google Maps

Last month Google Earth 4 Beta was released with lots of new features including better navigation and more high-resolution coverage. The application's online equivalent, Google Maps, obtained the same high-resolution satellite images some time after, and now the site itself has gotten a nice make-over. Now you can use your scroll-wheel to zoom in and out of the map, just like in Google Earth. The search box enhancements that were recently seen in Google Maps France are now a standard site feature, so finding businesses and directions is now easier to do (at least, in locations where street maps are available).

I also noticed that double-clicking a part of the map now not only centers that location (as it did before), but also zooms into it slightly. Very cool.

Update: Google Maps has added a Saved Locations feature, where you can save locations. I just wish it was implemented better. The Saved Locations interface isn't very integrated to the actual maps interface, and it's difficult to save various locations when you're in "link this page" mode. Suggestion: needs more AJAX!