Friday, June 30, 2006

Diary Post

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was fun. I'm writing about it today because I was too sleepy after playing with the DSL Internet connection they had installed that morning. Yeah, we already have broadband at home, I'll return to that later.

I finally got the invitation to the Picasa Web Albums, so I decided to download the new Picasa software, as well. It's in beta (hehe). The interface is slightly weird, but it's pretty easy to see how to do the basic things with a small bit of exploration. The best features include the ever magical "I'm feeling lucky" button found in the Edit view (previously this was the only thing I used Picasa for), the dynamic search bar (this is a Google product, after all), and the sharing features: you could blog or email photos, and of course you could upload them to your Picasa Web album. And if you look more closely (okay, go to Tools->Experimental), you could upload videos to Google Video. Yeah, Picasa is also a video organizer, though I wish they'd add basic editing functions for videos, just as they did for photos...heck they could have at least put some decent video controls. But anyway, the other Experimental features are pretty intriguing. I'll explore those later.

I ordered an Ubuntu CD the day after Dapper Drake came out. Too bad the shipping time's >4 weeks (and I'm still waiting), so I decided to experiment with a Hoary Hedgehog CD a friend gave me. I fired up one of my newer toys--Microsoft Virtual PC--and made an Ubuntu VPC, mostly for convenience. I figured pretty quickly that the winmodem we have at home would make going online a real pain, and that the company firewall isn't very Ubuntu friendly. Only yesterday when I came home to find my brother downloading games at 250 kbps (well, it's better than dial-up!), did I get the chance to *really* play with Linux for the very first time...after my brother went to bed. So there I was, using broadband to download Ruby via apt-get, and then spending the rest of the night trying to update it and install gems. I was only marginally productive, but it felt geeky. It felt right. It felt very good.

So here I am back in the office. I just installed the latest IE7 beta, and it still looks awful. But hey, it now progressed to having draggable tabs. Cool. :-P

There you go, Diary. A few guys are leaving the company now that their contracts are over. Now, I don't want to be forced out of the company before MY contract is over, so I'll go do some more software testing...