Friday, May 05, 2006

Yahoo! Mail BETA

Whoo! I almost forgot that you could post to Blogger via email. Here I am blogging in the office; but I wouldn't be this eager to blog if I didn't get invited to the Yahoo! Mail BETA; and I wouldn't have seen the invitation if the management didn't invite me to create a Yahoo! Business Mail account, since I rarely visit my Yahoo! Mail these days. So basically it's the management's fault that I'm currently being a naughty intern. Ha! :-P

Kidding aside, the new Yahoo! Mail BETA is just as I expected from all the reviews about it. It's got cool UI features like tabs, draggable ui elements, and an app-specific context menu. Nothing that would make me switch from Gmail, but at least I'll have a better experience during my rare Yahoo! Mail visits (I'm using it to write this, BTW). Frankly, for all the UI-improvements in this beta version, I could still do more things in Gmail's "simpler" interface. It's one thing to try and wow people with your programming skillz by making your webmail app look and feel like a desktop mail client like Thunderbird (albeit a very dumbed-down version of it), it's another thing to actually innovate and think of new ways of doing things. [/end of rant]

All in all, I like the new interface. Existing Yahoo! Mail users have reason to rejoice, mostly because their service's interface has sucked for so long and now they're going to get something that truly rocks. There is still a lot of work to be done in the beta, some Yahoo! Mail-related services are yet to be integrated into the new UI, for example. We'll see if my opinion will change as its release draws nearer (I doubt it). In the meantime, does anyone know how I could get into the Live Mail Beta? :-D