Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wrongly(?) Accused Dumbass

Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert comic strip) recently blogged about some of his pet peeves. Here's one I could somewhat relate to:

Wrongly Accused Dumbass

One of the drawbacks of being unusually smart is that I rarely do things the way other people think those things should be done. This often makes me look like a dumbass. In theory, if I had infinite time, I could explain all of my actions to anyone who cared to listen. At the end of this explanation they would probably say, "I understand, now that you've explained it for the past three hours." But I don't have that kind of patience. Consequently, even my closest friends think I'm a dumbass half of the time, when I know it's only a third of the time, tops.

A hundred people (e.g. most of my high school acquaintances, all my debate opponents, etc.) could give strong evidence that I am NOT "unusually smart" in any sense, that I often commit utterly indefensible acts of stupidity, and I tend to agree. Really, I do. But then there are those times when I'm simply thinking or interpreting facts in a different way, and people just don't realize it, so they go make me feel mentally retarded. Some even try to sound understanding by saying such BS as "Don't worry, I know you geeks don't care much about normal, mundane things," as if I've got an effing Slashdot podcast streaming constantly in my brain or something.

The thing is, I DO care about mundane things; I care so much that I apparently think more about them than other people do, such that I begin seeing problems where other people can't, so when I try to circumvent those problems, people wonder what the heck I'm doing (or they just look at each other and smile snidely).

But then, as I really am a dumbass a third of the time (tops) I feel weird complaining about how other people see me. For example, I'm now starting to feel that this whole post is retarded. Meh.