Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Google Notebook

Google Press Day was last week, so this is a bit late. But I want to talk about one particular product they introduced there which was just recently launched:

Google a personal browser tool that lets you clip text, images, and links from the pages you're searching, save clippings to an online notebook, and then share notebooks with others.

It's like Microsoft OneNote for the web. You could create a variety of notebooks (subdivisable into sections) where you could put task lists, things of interest, etc. There's the main website that features draggable notes, and there's the compact Firefox/IE addon.

Google Notebook probably isn't for Tablet PC users who already have the amazing OneNote application at their disposal (especially after the next version comes out) and for people who already have their own effective way of note-taking, but for guys like me who still need to be trained in the art of organizing one's own thoughts (and who hate writing things down on paper), it's an attractive and convenient way to start. It's particularly useful to me because I forget things too easily, and I'm tired of having creative thoughts jettisoned from my mind into oblivion just because I get distracted by something less important (like food or work).