Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentines Day and other things

Yesterday was embarrassing-interesting-fun for me. I got to be alone with my crush for a few minutes, but I was so nervous I wasn't able to do anything except sing awkwardly with my guitar. I think I feel an L-shaped scar on my forehead... But I gotta admit it was pretty enjoyable (in a wacky I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-but-the-hell-with-it kind of way), and we ended up singing together, which sort of calmed me down a bit. When people celebrate Valentine's Day, they sometimes forget, if they even know, that St. Valentine was a martyr. Well I certainly felt like a martyr last night: in pain yet strangely happy!

Speaking of happy, I finally got the new Gmail Chat feature. As usual, I played with it by talking to myself:

Notice the new <3 smiley (it's a heart, if you're a bit slow). You gotta see how the text-smilies slowly transform into their graphical counterparts...simple yet cool. No such animations in the Google Talk client, or maybe I don't have the latest version or something.

Lastly, Google's recently acquired Measure Map, another website analysis tool similar to the already existing Google Analytics. I want to test it, but they seem to have a screening process or something because they ask for your email address and tell you to wait. Anyway, you could read a GoogleBlog post of one of the guys running Measure Map if you want.