Sunday, January 15, 2006

My dream keyboard

Word about the Optimus keyboard has been floating around the blogosphere these past few days, and I sure hope it's more than just a rumor. Each key in this hopefully-soon-to-be-manufactured input device contains an OLED display that will allow users to change what their keyboard's layout looks like on the fly. Just look at the (computer-generated) pictures in the Wikipedia article to see the possibilities.

On a related note, it's amazing how a lot of my tech-related daydreams are starting to become reality. I remember first envisioning dynamically changing keyboards back in second-year high-school (once while trying to keep myself from sleeping in a particularly boring music class). My dream keyboard, aside from having programmatically changeable key displays, also features a flat design with a currently fictional (I think) type of artificially-generated tactile feedback. When a hand hovers over this fictional flat keyboard, the user would feel the keys nearest his fingertips as if they weren't flat, giving him a typing experience similar to that of using a normal keyboard...but way cooler.

And it should be wireless, of course.