Monday, January 09, 2006

MoGo Mouse Bluetooth

Could this possibly be good for the wrists? (I guess it could) Called the MoGo Mouse, it's a portable Bluetooth-enabled mouse the shape of a very thin PDA. It's actually a PCMCIA card (thus the shape), and you could stick it in your PC slot for storage and recharging.

I think a PC card mousethis is a *cool* concept, and it will help solve some people's problems with touchpads and external mice, but this won't be any good if you already have something stuck into your card slot, or if you don't like to keep your laptop's power on just to recharge your mouse's battery. Plus they didn't seem to put much thought into its ergonomics and aesthetics (and's much too pricey at $69).

Me, I've never been comfortable with using a laptop, especially with only a touchpad, and certainly if there's no table for using a mouse. I'd rather have a Tablet more mouse worries.

Update: Steve Friedberg from MMI Communications e-mailed me to point out a few things:

  • While the MoGo Mouse stores and recharges in the laptop PCMCIA slot, it’s not a PC card.
  • While it may not look ergonomically friendly to you, please allow me to assure you that it’s very easy to use, with no wrist problems at all. I used one all week at CES, and loved it. I miss not having one, and look forward to getting another. We put a lot of thought into both its look and feel.
  • The $69.95 price point is MSRP, and very competitive with other Bluetooth mice on the market today. (For instance, Belkin’s Bluetooth Wireless Optical Mouse with USB Adapter retails for $80.)
That's certainly nice to hear. Overall, MoGo does look like a very nice mouse device. Hope we see many other cool and innovative gadgets this year.