Sunday, September 11, 2005

Just a few things before I sleep

It's already midnight, and my attempt to make myself sleepy seems to be working, but first, some stuff:

- To keep my brain from eroding, I've decided to learn a couple of programming languages before the second term starts. I'll begin studying Python this week, but last week was dedicated to learning an uber-fun scripting language from Japan called Ruby. One can immediately tell why people say Ruby is a language "made with programmers in mind." Learning it (and actually using it) was so easy...though it helped that I found this really funny tutorial (complete with cartoons!) called Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby. But I'm also interested in Python, which is stricter than Ruby but is very popular (among uber-geeks) and well-supported. We'll just see which one I like better next week (right now I'm a bit partial to Ruby...I just don't think I'll ever want to use a for loop again after seeing Ruby iterators).

- The much-awaited (at least by me) BitTorrent extension for Firefox, firepuddle, is now in its alpha release. The extension allows you to download torrents directly inside Firefox, so you don't have to open a separate client everytime you want to download illegal copies of music and movies whatever productive and completely legal stuff you use BitTorrent for. Well, I know, it's an alpha release, so unless you want to help in the alpha-testing phase, you probably don't want to download it, but at least we know that this, unlike other BitTorrent extensions for Firefox that seem to have disappeared, is the real deal.