Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gtalk, Gmail, and school

Probably the best thing about the Google Talk client is its ability to run where few other IM clients can. In fact, a big number of students in our school immediately created their own Gmail accounts just so they could IM in the computer labs, where YIM and MSN Messenger can't be used. This is because GTalk runs on the same port as HTTP (which explains why you sometimes need to change your connection settings when you're behind a proxy, but I digress), so as long as you can surf the web, you probably will be able to log on to the service.

So now half the school's Gmail accounts, most of them brand new. I guess making Gmail a requirement for GTalk is part of Google's plan to increase Gmail's user-base, but it's a pity that so many of these accounts aren't being used for actual emailing, and that's a *lot* of wasted storage space. But maybe once they realize the beauty of Google's simplicity and sheer effectivity, they're going to abandon even their Yahoo! Inbox in favor of Gmail.

Right now I try to help hasten the process by reminding my GTalk buddies that they've got more than just Google's IM and VoIP. For example, I email stuff to them, and when they log on, I ask them to check their Gmail inboxes.

Yes, I kinda contradicted my past statement that I won't be using this current GTalk beta release. But I never thought it would catch up so fast among my classmates, so whatever.

And yes. I do have to stop blabbering like this.