Friday, September 09, 2005

Google Talk on Miranda-IM

As you probably know, the Google Talk IM server, which is a Jabber server, is accessible to any Jabber-compatible client. I use Miranda-IM, which is a small and open-source multi-protocol client. The trouble is, the Google Talk's Help page instructions on how to use the service in Miranda doesn't seem to work. I found the solution in the Miranda support forums. If you've got problems connecting to Talk via Miranda, just follow the screenshot found on this page (of course, it's in Chinese, but you should get it if you look at your Jabber protocol options). The only difference this setup has from Talk's "official" instructions is that the instuctions didn't include typing "Adium" in the Resource field. Anyway, it's working in Miranda now. And I celebrated by IMing myself using both the Miranda and the Talk client. :-)