Friday, August 26, 2005

Greasemonkey 0.5.1 is here!!!

If you haven't heard of Greasemonkey yet, then you don't know that it's a way of changing how a web page looks or behaves in your (Firefox) browser by inserting javascripts into the HTML before being rendered to your screen. And if you didn't know that, then you don't know that previous Greasemonkey versions became notorious for a bug that renders users prone to some serious security problems. And you wouldn't know that the author had to release a dumbed-down, "neutered" version of Greasemonkey just to immediately appease the security watchdogs, therefore making a lot of very cool Greasemonkey scripts useless for the time being, and thus making Firefox users everywhere feel very sad and down in the dumps.

But you don't need to know that now, because the bug has been fixed, new features has been added, and the bigger, better Greasemonkey extension version 0.5.1 is now available for download.