Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google Desktop 2

The new version now includes Google Sidebar, which is like the sidebar seen in previous alpha builds of Longhorn. It shows you your email, a slideshow of photos in your PC, a list of commonly used files and programs, etc. The sidebar's a bit too slow for me, so I disabled it. What I did like in Google Desktop 2 is the real-time as-you-type display of search results when using its toolbar feature (which is either a small search box on your taskbar, or a hovering desktop search box), just like in Microsoft's equivalent product.

Download Google Desktop 2

I think it's possible I'm going to ditch Google Desktop when Microsoft's WinFS for Windows VI comes out, because by then using a third-party desktop search tool might become impractical. But in the meantime, Microsoft will have to separate their current desktop search product with MSN for me to even begin to consider downloading it. In fact, come to think of it, I might even stick with Google Desktop *if* they find a way of seemlessly integrating it with WinFS. Google rules!