Thursday, July 21, 2005

Not-Exactly-Space-Related Space News

Here are two out-of-this-world stuff before I go to bed:

- Some guy named Philip Stewart designed an alternative to the conventional Mendeleevian Periodic Table. What's this got to do with space? Well, the so-called Chemical Galaxy has the elements forming a weird spiral-like pattern just like, er, a galaxy (here's a slightly bigger image; hope to find a more readable one soon). Get it? Oh well. It's supposed to have some advantages over the periodic table we've all come to know and love (or hate). But having had a terrible high-school Chemistry experience, I just think it looks cooler. Maybe I might even study the cursed subject, just because of how cool this is. If you were offended by what I just said, I deduce that you might enjoy reading a few technical notes on the Chemical Galaxy. BTW, I do find the periodicity of chemical elements interesting...I just haven't got around actually learning it. :-)

- Google employees have too much time on their hands. Google Moon has a Google Maps interface, and it shows where the various lunar places of the Apollo landings were located. Right now it doesn't show the whole moon, and there's not much detail (which is acceptable; it IS the moon, after all), but they've obviously got lots of plans for it. Hopefully, this is one step closer to something like a "Google Stars" (an idea I submitted to Google some months ago), which I think would be a lot more interesting. *crosses fingers*