Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fold 'n' Drop

Slashdot mentioned a new way of navigating overlapping windows while dragging an object. It's called Fold 'n' Drop, and it involves wiggling your mouse in a certain way (in other words, a mouse gesture), causing a window (or windows) to "fold", thus showing part of what's behind it (there's a cool video demonstration in the above link).

The idea is interesting, and people who like using the mouse a lot (particularly the mouse gesture fans) would probably love this. But I'm a keyboard person myself, and I'm pretty content with Alt-Tab. My problem with mouse gestures is that they might be activated accidentally, like when your mouse isn't working properly and you have to jerk it a bit. Anyway, if I wanted to drag something to a different window which might be hidden behind other windows, I simply do the following steps: drag and hold, Alt-Tab, then drop. In most cases (but not all), this would be faster than Fold 'n' Drop. Mac OS X users are lucky because they have Exposé built-in, which seems to be the fastest, most powerful option available.

Off-topic: Speaking of navigation, I just remembered that Google Maps now has a distance scale. Alright then, I'm off to do something possibly more productive.

Update: I'm experimenting with an Alt-Tab extension called TaskSwitchXP. Seems to be pretty fast (sometimes even instantaneous), and it supports dragging while task-switching, so maybe I'll keep it.