Sunday, June 05, 2005

I Know What I Did This Summer

Okay, so today's the last day of my summer vacation. Here's a summary of what I've done during the past few weeks:

- I learned how to play the guitar. Basically, I still suck at it, though of course the geek in me couldn't help but experiment with the instrument and have thus discovered a few things on my own (e.g. how to look for various versions of a single chord, how to tune the guitar while being slightly tone-deaf, etc.). Right now I don't think I have enough skills to impress the girls, but at least I could now add some sad strumming sounds whenever I sing depressed girl-induced angst-ridden songs in my room. :-P

- I took the MENSA exam last May 17, and the results just came two days ago. Didn't reach the cut. Apparently, my IQ's 123, which is above average, at least. I suppose it's a lesson in humility, as I've always gotten IQ scores of 138 or more in those less-authoritative online IQ tests. I admit I didn't really prepare for the exam. I slept late prior to exam day, and I didn't listen to any classical music (which should have helped, it always does). There's also the fact that I haven't been using my brain too much since the start of the vacation. So anyway, I plan to retake the test next year and hopefully get to finally join the prestigious society of intelligent guys before I graduate.

- Aside from starting my chess training (composed of playing against GNU Chess and studying historical games) for this school-year's competition, I also took some time to learn other logic games. I'm really into Sudoku now. Strangely, the game reminds me very much of Minesweeper, except it's less sophisticated (Sudoku is a paper-and-pencil game) and luck is less important. Actually Sudoku reminds me of a lot of things: crossword puzzles, magic squares, The Wheel of Fortune...which is probably part of its charm. It took me about an hour to finish my very first Sudoku puzzle (and it was supposed to be an easy one, at that; I've improved, thankfully). Clearly, vacant school periods and boring classes will be a lot more tolerable this year.

- Dad let me drive the van as a learning experience. Did it for one day, almost hit a kid while making a turn, got frustrated, and quit. Apparently, I still don't know much more than the bare basics. I probably would do better with a fully-automatic transmission system, so maybe I'll try again next year.

Well, that's about it. It's been pretty much a productive summer. I didn't get to improve my programming skills as originally planned, so that's one thing for next year's summer plan. This blog's been a bit neglected as well, unfortunately. But tomorrow's the start of school, and I seem to get blogging inspiration whenever I need to be doing something else, like, say, homework. And there's also the school's broadband connection. God I miss broadband.

Happy end of vacation! (For the Western guys out there, happy start of vacation. Man that's weird.)