Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Some Blogger Template Fun

Sorry for not blogging for a while. My brother decided to spend the rest of the summer vacation watching VCDs, and the whole family went along quite happily. Right now, we just finished watching all three Back to the Future movies, and we're moving on to Star Wars tonight.

Anyway, I found some pretty cool Blogger templates on this blog. Just take a look at the Yahoo! template, for one. There are lots of beautiful and original templates, too, if imitating search engines isn't your thing.

The blog also features some useful tips, like how to remove the NavBar (weirdly, it's done by enclosing the <body> opening tag in <noembed> tags).

Well then, back to my moviewatching.

Edit: My utter stupidity has reared its ugly head once again. I made a mistake of using HTML mode and then typing "<body>" and "<noembed>" in the post, thus rendering the whole blog unreadable. It's fixed now, so there.