Thursday, May 12, 2005

Google Acquires Dodgeball

Google's just recently bought Dodgeball, a sort-of social networking service for mobile phones. Dodgeball allows users to let their friends, friends' friends, and even crushes know if they're nearby, and vice versa. It also has a Google Local-like feature, where you could send the name of a location and it gives you back the address; I guess they're just gonna have to scratch that feature now and integrate Google Local into it.

And it's only available in the U.S... Again.

But then, I'm glad. `Coz I know that in the near future, when Google finally gives the rest of the world (e.g. Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, etc.), I'm gonna get some really cool stuff. These will hopefully include Local, Maps, Mobile, Dodgeball, and many more.

Go ahead, Google. Just do your thing one step at a time. I'll be waiting.