Monday, April 25, 2005

Uganda, AIDS, and abstinence

Last January, I wrote about the use of condoms for STD-prevention, and why I thought it was unnecessary. My main argument was that people who are knowledgeable about HIV and are afraid of it will not risk imprudent sexual activities. The corollary is that only the ignorant, (and obviously, the intoxicated and the suicidal) will have the guts to fornicate unsafely. Thus, proper education and awareness is the key to AIDS prevention, not condoms. In other words, if you have knowledge, abstinence is enough.

Well, theorizing and arguing's all good, but I wished there was concrete evidence supporting my opinion. And as luck would have it, I recently found out about the country of Uganda and its successful battle against the African AIDS epidemic. While other condom-centered African governments have not been successful, Uganda's education, abstinence, and fidelity strategy decreased the percentage of AIDS victims in the country down to 6%. Of course, the liberalists are still stubbornly clinging on to their great fornication excuse that is the condom, but that's to be expected. How else could they continue being the promiscuous dogs that they are?

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