Friday, April 01, 2005

Happy April Fool's Day!

So how many April Fool's jokes did you see today? After falling for one of Mugglenet's little tricks, I suddenly remembered that today's everybody's favorite day for pranks and tomfoolery. I wasn't able to find Google's joke for this year on their home page (remember last year's Copernicus Center?), but InsideGoogle's done it for me. Check out the all new Google Gulp Beta (Complete with AuthoDrink...get it? :-P)!

Update: Mugglenet reports that J.K. Rowling's website has an update. Namely, that today is Fred and George Weasley's birthday. What a coincidence!

Update: Might as well join the pack. MSN Search's April Fool's feature allows you to make spoofed search results for persons. Here are the results of an MSN Spoof Search for Francis Ocoma.