Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Google Updates

Yes, yes, these're a bit late. Now let me address the majority.

  • Yahoo tried to catch up with Google by offering 1 Gb of mail storage, but Google was just too quick for them. Gmail's first anniversary was marked by what seemed to be an April Fool's joke (complete with a silly chart) that turned out to be more-or-less real: Gmail is increasing its storage capacity to more than 2 Gigs (it's already 2066 Megs the last time I checked).
  • Google Maps and Local now offers satellite-photos of various locations up to street-level. All thanks to the newly acquired Keyhole software. I've just spent an hour exploring New York City in high resolution (locating the Statue of Liberty was sooo fun!). Currently for U.S. and Canada only. Bah.
  • Google Definitions is now multilingual. Use the define: keyword to get definitions of words in various languages. Not very interesting. But it's good they're updating Google Definitions, since it's one of my most oft-used Google feature.