Monday, March 07, 2005

Google's Lost Me!!! (useless blabber)

Gaaah!!! I can't find myself on Google!!! What happened? Just a few months ago, when I searched my name (which, by the way, is Francis Ocoma), The Brain came near at the top. But now it's gone! I tried using the keyword, and all the results didn't even have summaries, which partially explains it. But how could this be? Whyyy???

Well, The Brain tops the search just fine on Yahoo! (though it's non-existent according to MSN Search), but this is very strange. Why would Google neglect its own Blogger customers?

*calms down a bit*

Hopefully, The Brain will be back in its proper place on Google's index in a few weeks. Probably just some problem with the Blogger database. Oh well.

Edit: I emailed Google about this, and they told me their crawlers might have had difficulty with my site. So I basically have to make sure my blog is search-engine-friendly. But damned if I see what the heck I put here that made The Brain uncrawlable. Could anybody hint me on the matter?