Monday, March 07, 2005

Google Desktop Now Out *of* Beta

At long last, Google's file searching software Google Desktop has been upgraded with tons of new features. And guess what? It's not in Beta anymore! This must be a first in Google in a long time: officially releasing a product after less than a year in beta (I wonder when Google Groups and Google News will be released). It's even got plugins, an API, and deskbar capability! W00t!

Well, anyway, Google Desktop is a program that indexes your hard drive and allows you to search for almost anything with the same speed and interface that you get in Google. No more need to deal with the utterly unhasty Windows Search. Microsoft's got their own alternative, of course, but unless they remove the MSN brand from it, it won't be existing on my hard drive anytime soon.

Edit: Google Blog's just posted about GDS. I wonder what took them so long...