Wednesday, January 05, 2005

What Search Engines Do Search Engine Companies Use?

Inside Google has an interesting post regarding the company information on various search engine companies, as compiled by VisitorVille® Intelligence.

So, what search engine do Google employees use? Not surprisinly, 100% of them use Google. 68% of Googlers use Internet Explorer, with 21% using a Mozilla-based browser, while 84% of Google has Windows XP, compared with 5% for Linux...Interestingly, 62.5% of Google uses extreme resolutions of 1280x1024 or higher, with the plurality of 37.5% using 1600x1200. (No one uses 640x480.) They must have good monitors at the Googleplex.

While MSN does better at Microsoft than elsewhere (19.6% compared to 10.23% among the general public), Google is still tops, at 66.31% (Yahoo falls to 10%). 98.75% of Microsoft employees use Internet Explorer, while the .6% who use Firefox are just awaiting their severance checks :-). The top 5 OSs at MS are all Windows, with them being, in order: WinXP, 79.21%; WinME, 8.32%; Win98, 7.30%; WinNET, 2.63%; and Win2000, 2.13%. The only other OS? MacOSX, with 0.09%, probably on a single system installed inside Bill Gates’ personal toilet bowl.