Friday, January 07, 2005

Want some more Papist propaganda? :-)

Browsing through the Catholic Answers website made me feel very inspired today, and since there seems to have been a shortage of interesting things in the Tech world today (unless you'd like to read Bill Gate's entertaining keynote address, featuring Conan O’Brien), I might as well share some more Catholic blabberings:

X Marks the Spot. One of the major arguments of pro-abortion people is that there is a substantial difference between a fetus and an infant that makes a fetus unworthy of human rights. This article systematically destroys this argument by showing how this "substantial difference" (which he calls "X") is completely non-existent. Read this to any "Pro-Choice" activist and watch their confidence steadily fade.

Flaw of Blood. This is a very good analysis of the movie "The Passion of the Christ". Very objective and theologically rich. I especially liked the last paragraph:

When Roger Ebert commented that The Passion was the "most violent film I have ever seen," perhaps he was, despite himself, making a theological statement. The fact is that when we look at any depiction of the sacrifice of Christ—no matter how mild or graphic—man killing God is the most violent thing we will ever see.