Saturday, January 22, 2005

Report on supposed acceptance of condoms NOT TRUE!

A few days ago, I heard a report on the radio saying that the Spanish clergy has "finally accepted" the use of condoms as a preventive measure against AIDS. Balderdash. I looked for a more authoritative source and found that, alas, the media has misquoted the Church yet again. This is the real story: a Spanish priest was telling reporters about a recent meeting with the country's Health Minister. Here's part of what Fr. Martinez said:

"The use of condoms has its place in the program called the ABC Strategy, which is an integral technical prevention plan against AIDS. This statement should be understood in the sense of the Catholic teaching that maintains that the use of the condom implies immoral conduct. For this reason, the Church collaborates effectively and sensibly in the prevention of AIDS, promoting the education of people in conjugal love that is faithful and open to life, trying in this sense to avoid undue and promiscuous relationships, which lead to so-called 'risky health situations.' Based on these principles, it is not possible to recommend the use of condoms, as it is contrary to the morality of the person. The only thing that is truly recommendable is the responsible exercise of sexuality according to the moral law,"

(Empasis mine.)

The "ABC" in the ABC Strategy means "Abstain, Be faithful, and use Condoms". Notice that the first two (abstinence and fidelity) are exactly what the Church teaches. That's why Fr. Martinez said "the Church collaborates effectively and sensibly in the prevention of AIDS." Apparently, the mindless drones of the news industry somehow connected that one sentence with "The use of condoms has its place..." and came up with an utterly whacky conclusion that the Church in Spain has finally allowed condom-usage (which, if you read the priest's entire statement, especially the part I emphasized, is quite obviously entirely false).

Now is it a coincidence that most of the young anti-Catholics of today grew up with this overly-sensationalized type of news-reporting? Sad, really, that such blindness has produced another generation of people who know not what they do. Of course, the Spanish bishops have already made a press release clarifying their position on the matter, but I bet I won't be seeing that headlined in the news any time soon, as it might upset the merry-making of the contraceptionist journalists. Blind leading the blind, indeed...