Saturday, December 11, 2004

I don't like this suggestion...

A Google Software Engineer named Kevin Gibbs created another Google Labs experiment called Google Suggest. It's just like regular Google searching, except the service tries to guess what you're searching for and shows you a list of possible keywords, all while you're typing your keywords.

Now, if you liked Microsoft Word's AutoComplete and spell-check-as-you-type features (which I find annoying), you might like this. I personally don't think this will catch up, though. People usually don't like being interrupted, and I for one wouldn't want some guy suggesting things to me when I already know what I'm doing.

*thinks of the Office Assistant and shudders*

Of course, this doesn't mean the Google Suggest is useless. It could be used, for example, to utilize Google's built-in spell-checker quicker than usual. All you need to do is type how you think a word is spelled, and Suggest would show you (hopefully) the correct spelling.

Google Suggest could also be of help if you really are a lousy search-engine user. But then, Google is so easy to use (most of the time) and so popular that this scenario should be pretty rare by now.