Sunday, December 12, 2004

Happy news for Filipino sports fans

Manny "the Destroyer" Pacquiao won by knockout last night against Fahsan "3K Battery" of Thailand. The poor Thai boxer got knocked down three times before taking Pacquiao's final left uppercut to the jaw in the fourth round. He didn't get up until two minutes later.

Manny, who's a leftie, did a nice job of using his right fist quite often, switching to his left only when a wide opening comes up. This probably surprized Fahsan, who must have trained with a left-handed Pacquiao in mind. The Thai later conceded that Manny was simply too fast for him.

We could only hope Manny's newly-learned strategies will prove effective in his upcoming rematch with Juan "Dinamita" Marquez on the 26th of February next year. But actually, seeing how powerful Pacquiao's punches are (his left fist is known to lift opponents from the ground, as we've seen last night), I can't help wondering how the heck Marquez succeeded to end their previous fight in a draw. I mean, the Mexican got knocked down THRICE in the first round, for crying out loud!

Oh, I remember: Manny forgot his Darlington socks back then. :-P