Friday, November 19, 2004

New MSN Search in beta version

MSN Search

Microsoft's soon-to-be-released search engine is looking pretty least it doesn't try to look like Google, anymore. :-P

MSN Search sports a "Search Builder" feature that you can use to (slowly) develop your keywords, by adding advanced search functions, to theoretically improve your search results. The most interesting thing about the Search Builder is that it has a "Result Ranking" function, wherein you can dictate just how accurate, popular, or recent you want your results to be.

We'll see if MSN Search could catch up with Google Search (frankly? I doubt it). But even then, Microsoft would still have to contend with Google Groups, Google News, Google Answers, Google Scholar, Google Print, Gmail, Blogger, and a host of other Google features to really claim victory.

And guess what? I don't think they ever will.